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We believe Woodland Park Councilman Jim Pfaff should immediately resign or be recalled.

Recall Pfaff - James Jim Pfaff Woodland Park CO City Council Member photoFeelings – Mr. Pfaff says, ”I feel like I met the residency requirements”.

Reality – His claiming “homelessness” as his legal argument in attempting to fill the gap in his story is weak, as he has a home in Indiana. At the 12-03-2020 City Council Meeting, he participated via Zoom from his “home” in Indiana.  We are confident that in his run for Congress in 2016, and ultimately losing a run for State House, he told the voters Indiana is where he wants to be.

The Residency Issue

Furthermore, based on evidence currently available to us, we believe Mr. Pfaff may not have been a Woodland Park resident for 12 months prior to the April 7, 2020 election (as required by the Woodland Park Charter). Firstly, and prior to the election, Mr. Pfaff signed an affidavit under the penalties of perjury that he satisfied the 12-month residency requirement. Secondly, he will not (cannot) provide credible evidence to investigating authorities that he was a Woodland Park resident on and after April 7, 2019.

If Mr. Pfaff was not a Woodland Park resident at that time, our hope is that, after reflection, Mr. Pfaff concludes he reasonably misunderstood how “residency” is determined and ultimately resigns. In any event, if Mr. Pfaff does not immediately resign, we will continue to push the issue. Additionally, we believe that if he did not satisfy the residency requirement, then Mr. Pfaff may have committed election fraud, and perjured himself.

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Latest Citizen Comment

“Of course I read with great interest the Courier’s guest column by Mr. Pfaff. I read with greater interest the follow-on guest column and editorials by well-respected and significantly more well-learned members of our community. I mean, when a former councilmember and Mayor Pro-Tem, a former School Board President, and two engaged citizens denounce his false statements, I pay attention. Mr. Pfaff has clearly hitched his political wagon to people who choose to erroneously fill his head with lies that he repeats OR he has chosen for whatever reason to tell those lies himself. Either way does not reflect well on an elected leader’s judgment or commitment to this city and its citizens. He should leave.”